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How to select

a good iPhone battery?

Original Refurbished iPhone Battery

How to select a good iPhone6 battery?

A good battery should be High Capacity, 0 cycle, Stable Voltage and Good iPhone IC can compatble with iPhone IOS.

In Chinese after market, there exist many kinds different quality batteries and they are similiar with each other, so the question will be how to select a good iPhone battery when you refurbish your handset?

1.The original disassemble old battery renovation

This battery has not been significantly different from the new original battery after special renovation, and the memory chip of the battery has also been replaced with a new one, so only the data is zero cycle, but the standby time for installation is very short, it is not possible to use the battery for half a year. However, this type of battery is difficult to identify from the appearance, and can only be found in use.

2. Stealing the beam and changing the high imitation battery

Use domestic electric board core, assemble with outer packaging and cable of apple battery. Of course, the packaging of this kind of battery is different from the original packaging. It is just like the original one. The characters on both sides of the packaging are mostly printed, so the font is white without light blue luster. In addition, the battery board is not a colloidal electrolyte, so the battery feels soft and feels like the original battery.

3. The third brand of original battery + sticker

Some merchants will choose the original battery, plus the privately designed trademark sticker, the whole battery will be packaged and sold, so the cost will be higher than the high imitation battery, so the price of this battery is also higher, but the original battery is reliable and safe. Sex is better than high imitation batteries, this battery can also be used. Not all high-priced brand batteries are made of original batteries and stickers, and need to be carefully identified.

Finally: It is recommended to choose to replace the original battery, the Apple battery is a lithium polymer battery, there is no memory effect, so whether it is just bought a new machine or every The secondary charging does not need to be very thorough, that is to say, you can charge it, you don't have to recharge it when you have low power. It is recommended to charge and discharge only once or twice a month.

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