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LCD Quality Definination

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 premium or copy
  • Apple branding
  • flexibility of the Tapes 
  • pastille on the facetime 
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  colour difference
  • colour difference 
  • warm and cold colour
  • premium is more comfortable in colour  
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 a, b,c, d degree
  • A Degree, All perfect
  • B Degree, touch, backlight and light perfect,  allow 1not easy been seen spots.
  • C Degreetouch, backlight and light perfect, allow 2 not easy been seen spots.
  • D Degree touch, allow 1 not easy been seen spots 2 bigger spots. 
FB365distribution Quality Definination
As below list, I scanned Alibaba, eBay and Amazon, local market and various resellers who will always get the most “positive” tone to discribe their LCD. But if there is a “Grade A” and “Grade A+,” shouldn’t there be a “Grade B” or “Grade A-” in the suppliers condition criteria?



Grade A Copy

High Copy

High Copy Grade A

Grade A

Grade A+

Grade AAA

Original Replacement

3 kinds of iPhone LCD in the aftermarket

Original+ New = None

Original+ Used = Have, and same kinds quality will be seperated as A, B, C, D 4 kinds degree.

Original+ Refurbished = Have, also as Original Used seperated as A, B, C, D.

Copy = Have, and the same Copy A degree, Copy B degree, Copy C degree and Copy D degree.

Chinese market seperate A, B, C, D degree

Similiar or same, different suppliers will obey below standard, will test the LCD to sort out A, B, C and D degree.

A.Touching B.Light C.Backlight D.Dust Spots E.Highlight Spots F.Scratch on Glass G.Glue and Others

A Degree = All perfect

B Degree = A, B, C perfect, and allow one of D, E, F, G have slightly and not easy been seen problem.

C Degree = One of A, B, C have slightly problem, and allow one or two of the rest have slightly and uneasy found problem.

D Degree = One of A, B, C have obvious problem, and one or two have obvious problem.

In this way, there have 12 kinds of quality LCD in the market, it is very easy to make the buyers confusing when they want to purchase the iPhone LCD. To make the problem solved, we always make our quality standard simple.

How we define LCD Quality

Premium Aftermarket and Aftermarket

Premium Aftermarket = Original Used or Refurbished + Tested A Degree

Aftermarket = Copy + Tested A Degree