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All in one boxes for all size handsets

Show our respect to every reborn celphone, Celboxes!

New design, all in one box for 4.0'-6.5' used/ refurbished/ renew cellphones, retention film packaging design help fixed your phone, and set up huge space to place accessories.

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Totally white boxes with out logo, and the size of single box is:

outside: 17.5cm X 9.6cm X 4.2cm

inside: 16.6cm X 8.7cm X 3.1cm

singl box net weight is: 110g/piece, but volume weight: 180g/piece

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Each boxes including box cover+ container+ scalability bundling sticker bag and foldable card with sim card opener. 

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all size of the mobile phone can put in one box, size arrange from 4.0' to 6.5', models cover most of iPhone/ Samsung/ Huawei/ Xiaomi models.

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Second floor, under the handset, have big volume for place full set accessories, it can contain

1x A1400 2 pin European Specs Charge, or A1692 18W PD charge,

1x MD818 1 meter cables, or 2 meter cables,

1x MD827 3.5mm Jack earphone or lightning, or type-C earphone, even fit 1 piece 2 gen/ 3 gen Airpods.

as well as other small stuffs that you can also place inside.

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About Carton Package Details:

0.18kg/Piece, and 120piece/ Carton boxes, 22kg/Carton.

Volume Caculation Referance:

500piece= 92kg

1000piece= 185kg


5000piece= 920kg

10000piece= 1850kg

Duce to the the weight of the boxes and airshiping will caculate as volume, so we are strong suggest that if take over 120piece, better seperately to two shiping, small batch by air and the bigger batch by train or by seashipping, can pay less on shipping cost.

About MOQ Details:

the start moq is 120piece/box, just for white boxes.


If want to OEM your own logo on the boxes, the moq will be 5000piece, and please provide you logo and comfirm the art work before big volume manufacture.

About Shipping Routine:

you can ship by air if you need them emegency and small quantity, the shipping cost will be high by air, leading time will be 6-10day. but we can also offer you sea shipping, low cost, and the leading time will be 30-38days, and similiar with the train transfer. please have fully discussion with our salesman so they can make the best suggestion for you.

About manufacturing Time

for normal white boxes, under 2000piece we have physical in store, so we can sent you in 1-2days after payment done, over 2000 piece, need 1-2 weeks to namufacture for you, we normally produce 50-100k/per month in one time.

for OEM LOGO, it will take 2-3 weeks, because we need to manufacture for you specially, so please make long enough forecast.

Besides, we have distribution agent in different, that means they have goods physically in stock, so you can buy from them too, price will be higher, but shipping faster and not need to import from China, and if you want to be our local coperation agent, please be free to contact with our salesman.

if you are interesting in our package solution for your phone or need to OEM logo, be free to contact with us.

WhatsApp: + (86) 13143444321