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10th Anniversary

2012-2021(10th Years)

2012-2021, the 10th of FB365Distribution(Previously named FBshenzhen Co., Limited found on 18th June 2012).

With 10th Year of our team contribute to our dream, to build up the fast fulfill and procurement& the best service E-product manufacturing, trading, and distribution company.

In Mid-way, 2019, invested and supported by Blueray Battery Manufacture Co., Limited (BRM) and LH Printing& Packing Co., LTD, Our export amount have 8 times growth compared with 2019 in Battery manufacturing and packing design business, while other business scopes like LCD, accessories, repair parts and also have fast growth.

In 2021, we keep focusing and committing to provide a much faster and better service for our clients all over the world, and thanks for your great and strongly support we will never stop, block by block, brick by brick, creating our commercial miracle together.

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