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    Replace/ Reuse/ Recycle/ Repair

  • FB365tech focus on iPhone repair secondary markets for more than 10 years. we are supplying one stop replacement parts and accessories for all of the popular gadgets, from iPhone batteries, back covers, lcd screens, charging ports to even some screwdrivers.


    It took us ages to built up a strong supplying service center, which closed connect with premium factory and good quality demand globally, for long tern business and trustful partnerships.


    FB365Technology customers are wholesale bases, retail stores and local online and offline distribute networks, as well as large service centers that need regular supplies of spare parts for cell phones and accessories. For our clients we offer the professional procurement process, the current price list, the maximum possible wide assortment, the list of novelties and price changes, several payment and delivery options for our clients.

  • Shenzhen Office 

    Longhua District Shenzhen




    Battery Factory

    No.19 Dalang District Dongguan China

    PMC QC&Shipment Hub

    Longhua District Shenzhen


  • How to Place Your Order

    Order Online

    for fast service selection

    Consumers can place orders online, especially for samples of relatively small products, which saves time and is more convenient and fast service to buy form us.


    Note: please ensure that the delivery address is correct, and keep the contact information unblocked for our customers to contact you, thank you!

    Order from China

    for big quantity buyers

    Please elect the category by click "download" and sort the products by brand, model, etc. Next, in the "Order (Quantity)" column, fill in the quantity of the item you want to buy and sent it back to our salesman.


    Note: please contact with our sales manager for the last category and price before place your order. 

    Buy from Euro Local

    for European buyers

    Some of our products are in stock in Europe and are already in Europe, so it is very convenient and convenient to purchase locally. Please contact us for overseas sales to provide you with more information.


    Note: products already or on the way to local stocks are changing, please order according to physical stocks.

  • 2020 KEY INDEXS

    9th Year

    2021, it's the 10th year in mobile parts& accessories business since 2012.

    126%↑ Growth

    We hit history high,126% performance growth in 2019, and heep growing.

    70%+ EU Partners

    FB365Distribution focus on European market, and 70% clinets are from EU.

    27+ Countries

    At present, we have cooperated with more than clients from 27 countries.

    800+ Repair Shops

    Our products supply to more than 800 repair shops all over the world.

    0.3%↓ Defective

    We keep selling high ending products and keep our RMA less than 0.3%.

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