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The secret of iPhone 7 Cables

After-market Accessores in the Market?

How Many Kinds of After-market Accessores in the Market?

- Answer will be 3!

Original Chip, E75, Score 100, Foxconn ?

Taiwan Chip, E75, Score 97 ~99 Foxconn ?

Copy Cat, E75, Score 81~94 Molex or No Name ?

if you are purchasing iPhone 7 cable, MD818 From Chinese market, the data reader normally by Model YG-616,  will show up 3 kinds of results as below picture, but actually, , there are as much as 10 kinds of different cables in Chinese Market, which we call the After-market. so let make a simple test report and summary for common cables.

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Why have the difference?

The Data of Lightning Connectorses Dots 

There are so many different kinds of lightning cables in the market, but most of the cables have very similar on the cable body, but the Lightning Dots' Datas Have Difference.

👇 Original Series

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1. Original eight antennae points original IC, What most supplier called made by Foxconn, original 1:1, original OEM, or some supplier sell them as original new cables with full set of package, the testing data will show as full original as apple official products, but actually this is the best material OEM, let's check the cable body and dot.

Using the same original process as apple, the material used is very good, and the charging effect and damage prevention effect are almost the same as the original line. It is the best-selling alternative product in the market in recent years.

👇 Super High Copy Series

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1:1 OEM


S+ Grade

Taiwan IC 8 antennae points

2. Taiwan eight antennae points GOOD Quality replacement IC for original IC, What market called 1:1 OEM, original Copy, High copy or Premium, Not much difference between wire structure and material as like as each other, but the appearance is basically the same, current can support the same as the original plug, efficient and practical!

👇 Normal Copy Series

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AAA Grade 

A Grade

High Copy

1:1 Copy

3. Five antennae points premium Quality replacement IC for original IC, also called 8/5/3  antennae points for copy cables, most cheap price cables in the market are this level, normal copy cables, that's why the price in the market is varies, and the quality are similar to each other, for balance between the quality and price, we suggest the 5 antennae points IC, price cheap but quality available.

👇 Normal Series for Cables

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