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Historical Best Copy OLED--GX

WHY GX so popular?

Before we anwer this question, let's see what we have in copy lcd market.

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LCD SCREEN: iPhone 5/5S/5C/6/6S/6P/6SP/7/7P/8/8P/XR/11


There are not much OLED in the Chinese market, now mainly 4 brand, GX-JK-ZY-Hex, and the GX make both soft and hard OLED, and let see how is Chinese market make replacement LCD from the very beginning, in 2015.

2015, Tianma Copy LCD became first the copy LCD brand, it's the most famous copy LCD and famous all over the world.

In year 2016, brands like JDF, YD, JDB, LT(Longteng) etc... one by one logined the market the all of these LCD manufacturers keep the same instructure, G+G(glass+glass).

In year 2017-2018, Technical changed also pushed to a great LCD inside instruction development G+G, G+F, G+FF, ONCELL, INCELL...etc, lots technical concepts represented the mature of copy LCD, less RAM, more stable quality, kept dropping price, all these factors push the copy LCD to the peak.

Turned to 2019, Red Sea market bloody competition came. Brands like ERS, NCC, iTrucolor, Vivid, etc... These popular LCDs made a great progress in LCD function, like more colourful, thinner and fitter with the handsets, 360 degree views, good finger oils make very good touching or change the instructions to incell and better protect the TP etc...

However, when Apple released iPhone X, it used the OLED, not LCD anymore, some of the suppliers changed the instructions like FTF or Incell LCD, but the first one make OLED was GX, it can be 95% -99% alike original new LCD, that's why it was so welcomed by consumers, and let see clients how recomend it.

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as we can see, it have more advantage on price compare with the original OEM lcd, but it little big expensive than the FTF or incell LCD, as it looks very like original LCD.

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