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Fake or Original

iPhone Battery

In Chinese after market, there exist A-E, totaly 5 kinds different quality batteries as below, and we are mainly test below key point features.

A. Tear down batteries-original used battery

B. Original used IC + original used cell

C. Original IC and 3th part cells

D. The fake original battery

E. The Third Factories Batteries

Key Index Star ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Capacity

How is the designed and full capacity of the battery, this will be the most important data for a battery.

Key Index Star ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐- Health and Cycle Times

These two date can tell us how long the battery is been used, and cycle time is the core data can test the usage of a battery. Of course, the cycle times can be change and clear by battery tester machine. The apple have a rule on Apple battery, when the cycle times over 500 times, the capacity should be at least 80%.

Key Index Star ⭐⭐⭐- Power out

The lowest power on Voltage normally will be 3.82V, and a good battery should keep very stable Voltage.

Key Index Star ⭐⭐⭐⭐- Test Manufacture and Original, or Copy IC

Key Index Star ⭐⭐⭐- Score GoodA, GoodB, Best A

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Battery testers must connect with tester PCB, there are different PCB for iPhone and iPad, so you can test battery range from 4, 4S, 5, 5S, 5C, 6, 6P, 6S, 6SP, 7, 7P, 8, 8P, XR, XS to XMS, PRO 9.7, IPAD 3/4, AIR 1/2, MINI 1/4 to Mini 2/3 batteries with 2 piece all in one PCB.

A. Tear down batteries-original used batteries

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for this original tear-down battery, or we called used battery, see the data, the Chinese words "深圳兴旺达" , it means the IC and board is the original, but this battery is obvious been used for long whcih you can read from 96% capacity only, so we can caculate this battery have cycle at least 150-200 times already.

Interesting, it showed the "cycletime" still "0", we are 100% sure this is using machine to clean the recycling times and this is quite normal method in Shenzhen after-amaket, basically, suppliers will recycle the batteries which still have over 85% capacity batteries and resell them, they will sort them as 85%-90% capacity, 90%-95% capacity, and 95%-100% capacity to make a fake original 0 cycle battery, this batter will be regarded as top quality in the after- market and very expensive.

Finally, with our experience to read this battery, it's a used battery, original IC and original cell, and but only get score "GoodB" and 96% health, it neally belong to 90%-95% capacity level, and can still work for a long while.

B. Original Refurbished Batteries, Original Used IC + Original Used cells assembly

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for this refurbished battery, the word "orignal" in the picture means original battery cell, it have slightly difference between the first one, the healthy is 99%, so the cell it have been used for a while but still very good quality. "惠州赛德" means the IC and the board are orignal, so this battery is a new cell connect with a used IC+ board, what we call refurbished battery.

The refurbished battery, assembled by original cell and IC, it have good data but quality is not as good as used battery, beacuse the IC and board may not 100% match the cells, for example the cells is used still 90% capacity, but the IC and board have used for few years, much worse satuation than the cell, when they connected, will have great chance to have problem like the IC broken, high tempreture, power percentage not accurate or burn your phone etc.

clinets may ask: why need used board and IC connect with a used but still perform good battery? Why not connect with a copy IC new motherboard.

Obviously the profit different, the original used cell + original used IC the price is alot higher than copy IC with a used cell.

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C. Original IC and 3th Part Cell

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this is original used IC + 3 parts cell, we cell, but you still see the apple logo there, that's the used IC connect with the copy cells. To our suprise, some supplier regard this quality as original refurbished or used battery, so we can see the Chinese after-market quality definiation is very mess.

D. The Fake Original Batteries

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this one is fake original battery, the manufacture is copy, so IC is copy, and cell shows "Fake Bat", this is 100% fake original battery, and some cheater want to print the Apple logo and want to sell it as used or refurbusihed price.

E. The Third Factories Batteries

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and the logo free third parts replacement is most popular at the monment due to the custom become very serious about iPhone logo, and more and more user accept the third parts battery. It have advantage on pricing and stable qulaity, and the only problem is the copy IC may cause problem when apple update the IOS and now this problem can be easy solve and the tenical is much better than before already, similiarly, the copy lcd also faced the same problem before.

if you are importing battery from China or interesting in more details, please contact